Design of irrigation systems

Design of irrigation systems

In order for your nook to be your paradise, it is important to make a quality and working project. We need to comply with all those factors, which at first sight are quite natural, but are often forgotten. Hydraulic and electrical calculations are essential for the design of irrigation systems.

If you wish, a specialist in automated irrigation systems and pumping stations from Yamato Ltd. will visit you on the spot to get to know the situation live. We may also have preliminary training if you previously send us a pad on the ground. During our visit it is extremely important to understand the type and characteristics of the water source. Do we have the necessary quantity of water and what water we will use - drilling, drainage or spring. Will it be necessary to support the water supply, do we have an electric power supply, etc.

To build a quality irrigation system for your beautiful garden, we follow these steps:

We acquaint with the actual state of the field;

  • we measure the parameters of the water source - well, drilling, drainage water reservoir, etc.;
  • we design a project with the necessary hydraulic calculations;
  • we prapare a project-based offer;
  • we negotiate the terms of the contract;
  • we supply the specialized materials;
  • we perform excavation work on the ground;
  • we install the automated irrigation system;
  • we set up and test the system as recommended by the landscaper.

The commitment to our customers does not end with the transmission of the system.

YAMATO Ltd. gives full assurance of responsibility for the quality of the assembly and  the input materials.

Construction of irrigation systems

When building modern gardens there is an increasing variety of species. Each plant has its own character in terms of water consumption and irrigation norm. It is logical to distinguish grass, flower-beds, hedges, decorative shrubs, fruit trees and vegetables.

To achieve high aesthetic results, grass is watered with sprinklers (sinking hydrants) - rotor and static. For flower-beds, hedges and decorative shrubs, we appropriately choose drip irrigation. For high yields, the vegetables and the fruit trees are sprayed with a drip tube and a system for watering the roots of the trees. The drip hose we use is with built-in drip dividers.

It is no secret to anyone - the efficiency, utility and cost of the irrigation system depend on the designer's skill and experience, the installer's professionalism, the responsibility for maintenance and, of course, the quality and choice of materials.